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Online appointment book for dog groomers and pet care professionals

Dog GroomingWhether you own a mobile or traditional dog grooming business, both present industry specific challenges. I’m sure every dog groomer has been covered in shampoo and hair while trying to restrain a dog that has decided to be not so cooperative. Meanwhile, the phone rings and rings and rings. By the time you get to the phone, the caller has hung up and already called another dog groomer. Unfortunately, this happens too often. It’s impossible to be available at all times when you are trying to perform your appointments for the day. This is just one nightmare scenario. Imagine you are able to actually get to the phone. In this situation, you have to stop everything to write down the appointment and information. Luckily, GigaBook will allow you to change all of this for the positive.

Tell your customers to book online

Most customers have some type of Internet access through computers, tablets or smartphones. GigaBook creates an online booking capability through your existing website. If you do not have an existing website, GigaBook will provide your own unique booking site. Either solution will give customers access to your updated schedule 24/7. Encourage your customers to book online, so you can increase your own ability to finish the appointments each day.

Send automated notifications and reminders

Once again, your time spend not working with dogs is time that could be better spent. Maximize this time by automating some of the administrative work. Each appointment can be set to send email and/or text message notifications and reminders to your customer. Sending reminders will cut down on the amount of missed appointments, making sure your time is always booked as efficiently as possible.

Keep your calendar updated

By keeping your calendar updated, it will create an organized view of your day, week and month. This will allow you to plan out future ideas and work on increasing revenue. With this additional time, you can review the amount of appointments taken each day. It is very possible to increase this through your newfound organization and automation.

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