Dog Walker Appointment Software

Online appointment software ideal for dog walkers

Dog Walker Appointment SoftwareRegular walking for dogs is the best exercise.  It also releases excess energy so dogs behave at home.  Through walking, they also practice interacting with other people or animals.  However, we all lead busy lives.  Every minute counts and while we are away at work we can’t always be around to take care of and walk our furry little friends.  Hiring a dog walker is a great way to keep your pet taken care of and exercised.  Dog walkers possess an honest and consistent attitude.  They have a genuine love of animals and your pets will love you for recruiting one.

Dog walking may not seem like an actual career, but in a large city with wealthy dog owners whose pets are cooped up in an apartment, dog-walking can be a lucrative gig for the organized and flexible animal lover.  Subscribing to GigaBook is a great way to build a business as a dog walker.  Many dog owners don’t have the time to walk their pets so they will search online for an available dog walker.  GigaBook accepts online booking so your client can automatically reserve your services, and it will send them a notification through SMS and email.  GigaBook enables you to set reminders for yourself and shoot reminders to your clients to remind them of the time you will be picking up their dogs for a walk.  GigaBook also gives you an easy way to manage your finances or payments.  Invoices can be auto-generated and emailed to your clients at the time of booking so your clients can pay your services depending on the terms you are charging them.

Try Gigabook’s Dog Walker Appointment Software

With GigaBook Online Booking you can:

  • Accept bookings through your existing website.
  • Accept full or partial payment at time of booking.
  • Send customers text messages and email reminders.
  • Book multiple participants.
  • Easily take bookings on mobile devices.
  • Show real time availability.