Drone Service Booking App, Scheduling

Online scheduling and booking app for drone service businesses

Drone Service Booking AppDrones are everywhere! They are certainly a part of our modern future.  Have you already started a drone service? Are you getting ready to start a drone service?  If either applies to you then you should also be looking into booking apps for drone services!

There are a whole lot of reasons that your new or future drone service should be looking into bookings applications for your services.

A booking app for your drone service will increase your number of appointmentsPeople usually take the path of least resistance.  If you offer online booking through your existing website, then you are likely to see more appointments as a result!  After all, you are selling some cutting-edge technology yourself, so shouldn’t you appear to be modern too?

It’s hard to take appointments when you are flying a drone!At GigaBook we are pretty sure that it is against FAA regulations to be taking appointments while in flight!  Therefore, having a booking app for scheduling drone services is a must!  Having one set up allows you to utilize your existing website to make appointments for your services while actually performing services for your clients!

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Take payments with bookings for your drone services

Nothing ensures successful appointment flow more so than accepting payments at the time of bookings.  This helps guarantee that you don’t travel all of the way to your potential client’s job site only to find that they are no longer interested in your services!

Add efficiency to you drone service businessWhat business doesn’t want or need added efficiency?  Using a booking app for your drone services will provide exactly that.  You will be able to automate reminders and notifications for clients and staff, automatically generate and send invoices as well as be able to able to share calendars!

You can easily setup a booking app for your drone service by signing up for a free 14-day trial of GigaBook today!