Equipment Rental Scheduling Software

Online booking and reservations software for equipment rentals

Equipment Rental Scheduling SoftwareWhether you bought it, inherited it, or it fell in your lap. You now have all of this large and bulking construction equipment that you either do not use as much anymore, or do not know what to do with it. Since you want to try and make extra money with your construction equipment, you first have to find a way to rent it out. This can be hard since you have a lot of equipment and you do not want to be a secretary for your own work. Trying to book renters can be an arduous task, but now it doesn’t have to be…

GigaBook, is the key that you have been looking for. With GigaBook’s features you can now allow your equipment to literally rent itself out. No more constant back and forth with your clients to see if you have the equipment in or if it is booked on a certain day. GigaBook lets you rent everything out online in real-time, so you will never have to update a booking calendar. We want you to be able to make this business easy for you, so if you do not already have a website for your equipment rentals, we will give you one so everyone can still book with you online. GigaBook also allows you to be able to invoice and collect payments through GigaBook. So there is no need in having to use multiple platforms in trying to do all of your business needs, we have you covered.

Try GigaBook’s Equipment Rental Scheduling Software

We want you to get back to your life and not have to worry about spending all of your time with your clients or trying to rent your equipment. GigaBook will let you get back to what is important and not make this a full-time job for you. You will see yourself using the least amount of time and energy and truly maximizing your profits. Don’t waste anymore time and get back to your life!