Family Pictures Booking Software

Online appointment software for family picture photographers

Family Pictures Booking SoftwareThe one thing that every family wants to do so often but rarely gets done. Family Pictures. Whether it is because everyone is busy or because generally the mom if forcing everyone to put on their best clothes and go get them. Getting a family together for pictures is not easy. You have become an expert on pushing people to get it done and making it a great experience! Once they are at the site, their are so many things that can go wrong, your positivity and experience are what can make their pictures not only turn out great but they also have a fun time.

It isn’t easy though, scheduling, planning, reminding everyone. It really is a full time job, and most of that isn’t even stuff you got into this career for! With all of the other parts of your business that are not as interesting, GigaBook is here to help you. Keeping a date book and trying to find with you’re free so you can book someone else? Don’t need it anymore, GigaBook can do it for you. Both the calendar and the scheduling can be done online through your real time availability buy your clients. You wont need to pick up the phone again.

Try Gigabook’s Family Pictures Booking Software

With Gigabook Online Booking Software, you can:

  • Let your clients book with you online so you can stay with your pictures and current clients
  • Never have your clients show up late or forget with automated reminders through text and email
  • Get emails and texts from automated notifications when someone books with you
  • For those new families that want yearly pictures, set up their recurring times with just a click so they can always be in your portfolio