Financial Consultant Scheduling Software

Online appointment scheduling software ideal for financial consultants

Financial Consultant Scheduling SoftwareFinancial Consultants understand better than anyone that in business, time is money. Taking the time to sell and market your services costs more than actually providing your expertise to clients, obviously. With that being said, an efficiently-running firm will not only maximize consultants’ time, but will result in reduced costs and better communication among clients and staff. Below are a few reasons why:

Using an online booking software, consultants are able to accept bookings online through their already-existing website. The client will be able to see current availability, and once the appointment is booked, all appropriate calendars are updated in real-time. Additionally, calendars are able to sync with third-party calendars like Google Calendar and Outlook, so there’s no need to worry about double-bookings or no-show appointments.

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Client scheduling software also makes it easy to send notifications to clients about upcoming appointments or letting them know the appointment has been scheduled. If there is ever a change in schedule or last-minute cancellation, clients are notified immediately and automatically. Reminders can also be sent, which is helpful for staying organized among staff or if a consultant has a recurring client/appointment. These result in better overall communication and higher client satisfaction.

Another huge time-saver for consultants is the ability to automate redundant tasks like follow-ups or invoicing. With an online scheduling software like GigaBook, they have the ability to create invoices, schedule to whom they will be sent and when and monitor the statuses of all of them. Again, freeing up much-needed time to provide their services rather than schedule them, book more clients and consistently grow their business while continuing to thrive.

To recap, these are just a handful of ways to save time and money through the use of online booking software like GigaBook!

  • Accept bookings through your own website
  • Minimize no-show appointments and double-bookings
  • Calendars update in real-time and sync with third-party calendars
  • Send reminders and notifications to clients and staff
  • Streamline overall communication
  • Create, send and track invoices

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