Fitting Room Booking Software

Fitting Room booking and reservation software ideal for tailors, dress shops and prom dress retailers

Fitting Room Reservation SoftwareYour small shop that sells beautiful clothing and accessories for special occasions may run on a tight schedule by appointment only depending on the availability of your fitting room.  You may sell wedding dresses, prom dresses, suits and tuxedos, bridesmaid dresses, or you may offer personal shopping services that tailor to the high-end shoppers or celebrities. No matter what specific fashion you may offer, its important to stay organized and utilizing your rooms available time to the fullest, without overbooking or making your clients feel rushed.

A perfect solution for you to keep up with your clients and taking some off your plate is GigaBook. GigaBook is your online assistant which offers online booking off of your very own existing website (or you can create a page through GigaBook if you don’t already have a website).

Try GigaBook’s Fitting Room Booking Software

With GigaBook, your business will become more efficient by:

  • Clients can book online 24 hours a day
  • Your employees or resources (i.e. your fitting rooms) can be set as available for booking on your website or internally
  • Your clients’ information will automatically save on your client list
  • Payments or deposits can be made at time of booking
  • Invoices can be sent to clients via email and paid online
  • Text and email reminders can be sent to clients to reduce no-shows
  • To-Do lists are built into your GigaBook platform for efficiency and organization
  • Custom forms can be created for online booking to find out interests or dislikes before your client arrives

GigaBook is your simple solution to creating a more efficient and successful business. Your clients will enjoy the user-friendly process to book your time, and you will enjoy your hard-working assistant that never needs a break. Check out GigaBook today to get organized, and remember that organization is the key to success!