Flooring Installation Appointment App

Appointment App for Flooring Contractors

Flooring Installation Appointment AppAre you looking for ways to increase efficiency within your current business model? Are you looking for a way to transition from notepads to a more manageable system? Online booking software with GigaBook can increase sales, efficiency and improve client satisfaction. GigaBook can turn your website into a real-time booking engine based on availability. Imagine turning website page visits into real revenue by accepting appointments online. Your clients are looking for an easy and simple booking process. While everything transitions to online, you appointment scheduling should be no different. 

Try GigaBook’s Flooring Installation Appointment Software 

GigaBook offers a fully customizable platform that integrates with your website allowing for an easy booking process for your clients. With GigaBook you are able to accept payments for bookings, giving you the ability to generate revenue 24/7. Along with GigaBook’s invoicing system, you can also customize settings and promotions throughout the platform and your posted widgets to fit your businesses style and personality. Get your life back by allowing your appointments and reminders to be managed automatically, creating time efficiencies allowing you to do other things. With GigaBook you are able to stay connected to your current clients while building and obtaining new clients at the same time. GigaBook can be accessed from any computer or mobile device, giving you instant access to your platform. 

Keep your business organized with a To-Do List, project management, and client management. When assigning projects to staff members, you can monitor the progress of the project up until its completion. By doing so, you create efficiencies for staff members and for your business. Let’s be honest, we all like to cross things off lists and in the meantime, more work is being accomplished. 

With GigaBook’s Appointment Software you can:

  • Accept appointments through your website. 
  • Accept payments for bookings. 
  • Automate your notifications and reminders sent to clients.
  • Create to-do lists and projects for staff members. 
  • Create and send invoices to clients. 
  • Access your platform from any device. 
  • Create efficiencies throughout your business.