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Online Flooring Installation Appointment Booking Software

Flooring iFlooring Installation Appointment Softwarenstalling can be a challenge if not done correctly. Some individuals try to install it themselves and end up with uneven floors and have to schedule you to come and fix it. Many times individuals have their idea in mind but are unsure how to execute it properly for a beautiful finished product. This is where you come in! Having the skill and expertise to see their idea come to life. However, you still want to grow your business at the same. You don’t want to be on your phone during an installation trying to schedule the next appointment. If you did, that could have a negative effect on your business, which could lead to negative reviews online. With online appointment booking software with GigaBook, you are able to accomplish both, growing your business while still delivering quality service to your customers.

Try GigaBook’s Flooring Installation Appointment Software

With your existing website, you can integrate GigaBook into it and easily accept online appointments through the GigaBook booking widget. The booking widget can be customized to match your website’s colors and themes. When an appointment is scheduled, your clients can receive appointment notifications and reminders about their appointment through text and email. You have the capability to send notifications and reminders to your clients and staff about schedule appointments through text and email. If something unexpected were to come up, you can easily notify your clients of their appointment change. GigaBook will sync to your third party calendars such as Outlook and Google Calendars. Using the invoicing feature, you can create and send invoices via email, you can also track the payment status of those invoices.

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software you can:

  • Create a booking widget that integrates with your existing website.
  • Accept appointments through your already existing website.
  • Send notifications to clients through text and email.
  • Notify staff of scheduled appointments.
  • Create Invoices and track payment status.
  • Sync to 3rd party calendars.