Fundraising Coordinator Appointment Scheduling Software

Tools for Fundraising Coordinators, Schedule Donor Appointments

Fundraising Coordinator Appointment SchedulingRaising money for a good cause takes more than just the event itself, and you know that being a busy Fundraising Coordinator. From the concept to the event there are many steps in between. And the need for organization and communication is key throughout the process. GigaBook has introduced Scheduling Software for Fundraising Coordinators that will assist you in staying organized, not only with the meetings you need to attend, but also with an interactive to do list and text/email notifications you will be able to keep yourself AND your team organized. Each project that you coordinate to will have varying levels of involvement, but they all need to be run efficiently.’s Scheduling Software will assist you in keeping your fundraising efforts on track, while allowing the other outside parties to grab meeting time off of your online schedule, send notifications and reminders for upcoming meetings and add follow tasks as needed. Whether you are working on one fundraising project or several, GigaBook is a great assistant!

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GigaBook allows you to set appointments through your current website, or we will provide you with a customized booking site. All of your appointments are set based on your availability, with both you and your meeting attendee(s) receiving text and/or email notifications. Once you have completed the meeting, add notes in the to do list section and set due dates for each task. Keep each of your events organized individually in folders and tell GigaBook to remind you when something is coming due. Send follow up emails through the system and setup further appointments with the interactive calendar. If you have a team that you work with to make these fundraising events come to life, grant them access and allow them to benefit from the power of GigaBook.

  • Get organized.
  • Add technology to your fundraising efforts.
  • Allow for increased communication in today’s busy world by using text and email notifications.
  • Be more efficient with your valuable time.
  • Be accountable with due dates and reminders.
  • Use big business tools that were built especially for smaller businesses.
  • Send follow ups and thank you notes once an event has wrapped up.

Allow GigaBook to be your personal assistant!