Furniture Repair Booking Software

Online appointment booking software ideal for furniture repair shops or professionals

Furniture Repair Booking SoftwareFurniture repair is a needed and unique business, as many people have formed personal attachments to certain pieces of furniture or may have items passed down generations so instead of replacing an item they would like to have it repaired. It may range from reupholstering, fixing frames, cracks, stuffing, re-staining, or more. As a more unique business, you may have a long to-do list of repairs, so spending that valuable time answering the phone, collecting outstanding balances, or reminding people to pick up their items can make it all even more overwhelming.

Try GigaBook’s Furniture Repair Booking Software

Now you can let GigaBook help as your online assistant with many of your administrative tasks such as taking appointments and sending emails to your customers. GigaBook is a cloud-based appointment booking platform that can fit right onto your existing website (or you can make one with GigaBook) and has many tools that can help your business become more efficient.

What tools does GigaBook offer that can help my furniture repair business become more efficient?

  • Be available with online booking 24 hours a day
  • Send text and email reminders for drop off or pick up of furniture items
  • Collect deposits or payments online at time of booking
  • Email customizable invoices and collect payments online
  • Manage your client list online with automatic updates with all online bookings
  • Create custom booking forms to gather all necessary information from clients prior to appointments
  • Send email promotions with online promo codes to attract more business
  • Use the to-do list with email reminders so you and any employees don’t forget their daily tasks that are due

GigaBook will save you time you didn’t even realize you were wasting, and it will make your tasks completed easier and quicker. Check out everything else GigaBook as to offer with a free trial today!