Generator Rental Booking Software

Online scheduling software for generator and equipment rentals

Generator Rental Booking SoftwareGenerators can come in handy for all sorts of reasons, so renting out generators can be a unique and profitable business. Keeping track of where your generators are, whom they are rented to, and for how long is all part of the job but unfortunately a time-consuming part. But it doesn’t have to be with GigaBook.

GigaBook is a cloud-based appointment and resource booking platform that can allow online booking right off your existing website (or you can create a webpage with GigaBook). Let your customers see what generators you have available on their preferred dates in real time, and they can book the generator right there on the spot without you ever having to answer the phone.

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How can GigaBook help my generator renting business become more efficient and successful?

  • Stay ahead of competition with user-friendly online booking
  • Send text and email reminders for pick-up or drop-off of generators
  • Accept payments online at time of booking
  • Save your client information automatically at time of booking
  • Create custom promo codes to attract new customers
  • Email customizable invoices for a professional look

Generate a successful and efficient business with GigaBook today, all while saving you time and money! Sign up today for a free trial of GigaBook.