GigaBook 3.2 Update

Details about the new features and benefits added in GigaBook 3.2

On September 8th, 2016 the GigaBook team launched the version 3.2 of the platform.  Included within the update are some new integrations that allow users to better sync with popular third party apps, a new customizable project panel, integration with the PayPal payment platform and several other useful improvements aimed at making GigaBook the most versatile and useful booking management platform in the industry.

One new integration is with Zapier, this will allow users to use GigaBook with hundreds of new apps that Zapier connect with. Zapier is an API sync platform that allows users to create or choose from hundreds of integrations to other 3rd party applications.  This feature is currently in beta mode for GigaBook users.

Zapier GigaBook Integration

GigaBook is integrating two of the most asked for features asked by GigaBook users! QuickBooks and Paypal! You will now be able to accept Paypal payments through your widgets and use this as your primary payment gateway. These you can keep track of all of your payments through our new integration with QuickBooks! There are simple options of exporting one or two invoices at a time or you can just export all of them!  Both of these new benefits are fully live and ready for use.

GigaBook QuickBooks Integration

GigaBook PayPal Integration

With GigaBook’s Support Center that came out in GigaBook 3.0, we are adding even more support videos throughout the site so your questions can be answered in just a click. Keep checking up with your GigaSync Settings at to find out about all of the integrations you can have access to!

Stay tuned for more upcoming platform updates as the GigaBook team is hard at work creating the best ways to help your business sell more and spend less!