GigaBook Account Services Section Overview

General Overview of the Services Section in your GigaBook Account

How ToYou can go directly to the page that controls the services you offer here: Services Page (you must be logged into your account for this link to work)

As a user of GigaBook you now have the ability to add, delete and edit the services that your business provides.  When you signed up for your GigaBook Free Trial you were asked to provide information for at least one service your business provides.  Doing so has enabled you or your service providers to start booking online and within your GigaBook account.

In order to help you get the most from the GigaBook Online Appointment Scheduling service here are a few commonly asked questions about the Services settings in your account as well as a few tips for converting more of your visitors into appointments!

What is the recommended way to add a new service to my account?

Each service will need at least provider assigned who will be made available to take appointments for this particular service. Maximizing the full information for each service will give the clients the best possible information your service.  The information you provide about each service should be complete, but don’t over do it.  Make sure you set the proper Service Time Duration in order to block off the correct amount of time.  If you require time to prep for your next appointment you can add that too.  Preparation time is added to the backend of whatever service you add.

Is there a limit to the number of services I can add for my business?

You can add an unlimited amount of services to your account.  We suggest you keep your Service Titles and Description short and to the point though.  Adding to many services that are similar could potentially be confusing for your clients.

Can I customize my services for my business?

Of Course! GigaBook allows each account owner to customize the services offered by their business. Each service can have a unique name, description, price, preparation time, and duration and also only be offered by the service providers that you assign within the time frames you want.

Can I hide my services from being seen on my website, booking widget or mini-site?

Each service will have the option of being hidden in the mini-site or external booking widget .  Hiding your service will make those service viewable only to yourself and your service providers.  This is a good way to not offer certain things to the public but still be able to create appointments for select services when logged into your account.

Can I assign specific services to specific service providers?

Absolutely!  You can easily change that later too if things change in your business.   All you have to do is turn that service ON/OFF for those particular service providers.  It’s really easy!

How is a Service Different from an Event in my Appointment Setting Panel?

Services are full time options for your staff and clients.  They have non-changing specifications such as price, duration or perhaps whom at your business offers these services.  Events are one time or variable occurrences that can be added quickly without needing to setup a new or additional service in your account.  You might choose to add an event like “Doctors Appointment” in order to block off your real time availability for clients and co-workers.

This is the view of the Services Page inside your GigaBook Account:

Gigabook Services Settings - Screenshot 01