GigaBook Business Dashboard Features, Benefits

Info about the GigaBook business dashboard within your account

Small and medium sizes business owners have struggles for years with the ability to constantly monitor a business without spending day and night at work. For years, working endless hours and never seeing your own home has been the life of these business owners. On the contrary, help has finally arrived!

GigaBook has provided the solution many small and medium sized business owners have been craving for years. At a reasonable price, business owners can keep their fingers on the pulse of their business from any computer, tablet or mobile device. The dashboard feature within GigaBook acts as the nerve center of the business. A consolidated view on all the activity of the account flows through the dashboard while giving any business owners all the information needed to quickly gather all information needed.

By consolidating all information from scheduled appointments, upcoming to do list items, recent clients and much more, business owners can manage all incoming information more efficiently than ever. The best part is the customizable information for the dashboard. Each individual business owner can determine what information is necessary and hide the rest. Get rid of all the unnecessary information to create a streamlined view of only the most important information to manage your business.

In addition to all the informational views, each section on the business dashboard allows to quick entry of many different functions for the account. Quickly add an appointment, create a new event, add a client, create a to do list item, update business information or change employee availability all through the business dashboard. Use the dashboard to remove the chains to the business by effectively managing every aspect of the business.

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