GigaBook Online To-Do List Info

Use To-Do Lists to increase staff productivity and create efficiency

How ToOne of the valuable tools within GigaBook is the ability to create, use and share to-do lists. By staying on top of important projects and making employees accountable for assigned tasks, your business will be more organized and you’ll focus your time and energy on what’s important.

Viewing Lists

  • When logging into GigaBook and clicking on ‘To-Do Lists’ in the black header at the top of the page, you’ll see a list on the left side of the page for each of your service providers. There is also a Completed List and a Trash.
  • By clicking on one of the lists, the assigned tasks will appear on the right side of the page along with their due dates (if assigned) shown in blue.
  • By clicking on the Completed List, items marked completed will appear in this list until deleted.
  • Items that have been moved to the trash will stay in that list until the ‘Empty Trash’ button is clicked to permanently delete them.
  • Any overdue items will appear in red, alerting you that a task needs attention.

Adding A New Task or Item

  • Click on the Plus sign in the upper right corner of a service provider’s list, or at the bottom of the open list, to create a new task.
  • Enter the information – type of task, due date and time, and any notes.
  • To send an email reminder when the task is due, click the ‘Email When Due’ button. To include other service providers in the reminder, click the ‘Email Associates.’
  • To send a reminder before the task is due, set the date and time, and click the ‘Email Reminder.’ Click Save.
  • To give importance to an item, click the ‘Important’ button. This will highlight the task and move it to the top of the list, turning the star symbol blue.
  • If the item no longer needs to be categorized as ‘Important,’ click on the blue star and the item will go back to its chronological order in the list.

Creating a New Category for Items

  • To create a new category where tasks pertaining to that list can be added, go to the List section on the left side of the page. Click the Plus sign. A field will appear and you can name your new category.       When lists are created, they are in alphabetical order (except Completed and Trash are always at the bottom). To move a list up or down in the order, click the list you want to move to highlight it. In the blue ‘List’ header, click on the up or down arrows, depending on which way you want to move the list.

Moving a Task From One List to Another

  • To move a task from one list to another, open a list, click on the directional arrow in front of the task and drag the item to the list where you want it.

Completed Tasks

  • When a task has been completed, click on the box next to the task. The task will move to the ‘Completed’ list.
  • To no longer see these items, click the trash can icon to put them in the trash, or the ‘Move to Trash’ button in the upper right corner.

To Delete a Task

  • Bring up the list and click on the trash can icon in the upper right corner of the list.

To Edit a Task

  • Find the task you want to change and open by clicking on the task.  Make any changes and click save.

Notify Recipient of New Items Added

  • Simply move the slider next to “Email Provider (or whatever your providers are called)”  Doing so will send that person an email notifying them of the newly added item.

Adding a Due Date to a New or Existing Item

  • Use the date picker to assign a Due Date to that task.  Doing so will move that item to the top of the list.  Items with Due Dates will be sorted in chronological order at the top of lists.  To-Do items with a Due Date get integrated within the various calendars and also within your dashboard.

Mark an Item as Important

  • Move the slider next to “Important” to the ON position.  Doing so will move the item to the top of the list.