GigaBook Support Center

Information about GigaBook's improved Support Center

GigaBook has come out with possibly its largest addition yet! An all new, in depth support system that can assist with any and all tasks associated with GigaBook! The new slimmer and sleeker version of GigaBook’s support system comes in six main sections. Two of these sections consist of an easy, fast way to reset your password and another to easily contact GigaBook for any questions or concerns. Each of the other sections was created to my tailored to exactly the type of support you were needing.

Account Setup is the initial section in GigaBook’s Support. This area takes the client on a walk through of the Setup Checklist of GigaBook and offers helpful insight to each of the sections and how they connect to one anther.

Visit GigaBook’s Support Center

The FAQ section was based off of general questions that are provided by our clients! They range anywhere from what GigaBook is about and where we are located to asking if invoices can be sent to clients. The area in this FAQ is full of great information and it is continually being updated to fit the needs of our clients

GigaBook’s new help section has been revitalized into an area that can show you step by step instructions on how to complete any tasks! These are in multiple formats so that you can read more about the tasks or watch a quick video.

Our Video Tutorial section was created for the fast visual people that just want to see a clip of how to do it, then be on their way! All videos are in a clean format and ready to play in an instant.

This new support section for GigaBook is only one part of the new GigaBook 3.0! Everything has been made for the clients to easily and quickly gain information so they can continue with there daily lives and stay at their high efficiency levels!