Golf Course Tee Time Software

Online tee time booking application

Golf Course Tee Time SoftwareIt can be hard managing a course on a beautiful and busy Saturday and Sundays when everyone in the area wants to come out and golf. Everyone is calling about tee times and when they can get a big group of people to come play. Then, on top of that, you have to manage the driving range as well. Make sure there are enough spots for the people signing up and wanting to come hit. It is more than a full time job for you and even another. Hiring a large staff though can be expensive and not optional on the budget you have given yourself. So what do you do…

Try GigaBook’s Golf Course Tee Time Booking Software

Well, we had the same mindset as you do now. We know that you are personally overworked and need help, but help can also be expensive. GigaBook is here to help you become the best at what you do. We want your business to thrive and let you get back to your live outside of work. GigaBook allows you to begin taking different appointments online and limit the hassle of back and forth communication on the phone with customers. You can set times for your golf course or any of your driving range tees!

GigaBook also offers the ability to allow you to have Group Bookings! Your golf experts and instructors can now create classes that allow many people to attend or just a few. One of the great things GigaBook allows you to do is to accept payments and invoice your clients. This can help you run your business to the maximum efficiency!

From allowing online booking to accepting payments and tracking invoices, your business can help run itself now! Using your current website, you can allow real-time bookings starting today!