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Book group sessions and classes online

Online BookingGroup sessions and classes can be tricky when it comes to booking online. Typically, each group has a limit of members before the class is considered full. It would take quite a bit of time and effort to maintain a running roster of people booking online and in person. This type of activity is prohibitive to the overall efficiency that should be created by booking online; however, good news site on the horizon. GigaBook offers the opportunity to set the maximum and minimum amount of attendees for each group that is scheduled.

Use GigaBook to allow anyone to visit your website and schedule for a group session. Based on the criteria used for the group session with minimum and maximum attendees, each group session will only allow the maximum number of people into the group. These criteria will automatically calculate a running list of remaining slots available at all times. If someone attempts to book while the session is full, it will not accept the attempt; however, it will open up a new spot if someone withdrawals their current position in the session.

Group Session Booking Application

The ability to let this process happen online saves immeasurable amounts of time compared to manually booking out large group sessions. With newly acquired excess capacity, more focus can go into creating a great group session experience for all who attend.

In review, GigaBook will allow the following features in regards to group session online booking:

  • Set a minimum number of attendees before considering the group session active
  • Set a maximum number of attendees before closing registration
  • Allow attendees to register for a slot on your website

All of these features create the best possible group session booking process. With the additional convenience and time created, everyone should be thrilled. Get the process started today by getting a free trial with GigaBook!

Group Session Online Booking Applications