Guitar Lesson Booking Software

Online lesson scheduling software for guitar instructors

Guitar Lesson Booking SoftwareFrom beginner to expert you have probably trained them all! Some are stars and some are back up but playing the guitar is so much more than just being good at it. It is about letting out your heart and soul into the music and doing what you love. As a guitar instructor you help these people channel that music and show them how to play what they love. Becoming really good at the guitar takes a lot of independent practice and guided instruction. You are there for your students to give them the tools to success!

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Sometimes it can be hard to make sure your students are always able to get those tools from you though. They can forget about their lessons or maybe they just can’t get ahold of you to schedule their next time to see you. Things happen and it gets hard, GigaBook is here to make this easy for you. We can allow you to take appointments to your availability all hours of the day. If your students are always trying to call or text you while you’re sleeping, now they can just go online and book a time to see you. This takes the burden off of you so you can still make your business profitable, without having to spend every minute of your life focusing on your business.

GigaBook also offers many tools to help you become more efficient at running your business. In moments you can setup your account so all of your students will get automated reminders, emails or text messages, when they have a lesson with you. No longer will you have a student say that they forgot or lost track of time. Now you can have these messages be sent out at a predetermined time so you don’t have to remind them, but they still remember.