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Appointment setting software for hair stylists, salons and beauty professionals

Hairstylist Appointment SettingHair stylists live a life of hectic, ever-revolving appointments. It can be completely overwhelming to manage all the incoming requests while being busy the entire time you are at work. GigaBook is a subscription-based software that can help solve these issues.

GigaBook can provide some of the organization necessary to keep your business growing at an exciting rate, while creating less manual work than ever. As your business grows, this organization and automation will become more and more important.


Let GigaBook help take your business to new levels with some of the available features such as:

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Calendars

Make sure you keep an organized schedule by utilizing daily, weekly and monthly calendar views. Each separate view can be downloaded and printed, as well as used on any available device from desktop computer to mobile phone.

Responsive Layout

Hair stylists are constantly on the go and hardly ever directly in front of a computer. No worries! GigaBook offers a responsive layout, which means the site will optimize the view based on the type of device being used to access the site. This optimized view will make sure you have the easiest path to using the software as possible.

Online Scheduling

Allow your customers to schedule appointments while you are already busy with your current appointments. While you are styling your current client, your new or return clients can schedule based on availability you have set. GigaBook has also included a booking buffer so that you can set a comfortable buffer into the future before someone can book an appointment.

Automated Reminders

Each time slot during the day represents a dollar amount. Make sure to cut down on no-show appointments by sending automated email and text message reminders. Each appointment that is saved due to a reminder is money directly into the stylist’s pocket.


You can utilize all these amazing features and more with a free trial from GigaBook!