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Hash Generator online web developer tool

When it comes to storing data in a database we know you want it to be secure! The Hash Generator tool offered by GigaBook’s web developer tools has just what you’re looking for. The hash generator will convert a string of variable length date into a fixed length. By doing so the hash generator creates tables that speeds up the process of retrieving data from databases.

Using the hash generator in your web design will keep yours and your client’s information secure. For example, when a user logs into their account their information is hashed each time. By doing so this makes it difficult for outside attackers from gaining personal information! The hash generator will do a comparison each time a user logs in to authenticate them. Want to make it even harder for an attacker to retrieve your information? Try the salt function within the hash generator! Salt takes protecting your information a step further by placing a random string of code within your database.

GigaBook offers over 40 free web development tools, such as the hash generator. Signing up is free and simple! With GigaBook’s web development tools, you will be able to have an outstanding web design and grow your business at the same time! When it comes to yours or your client’s appointment booking software, GigaBook has you covered too! Check out our free trial and start growing your business!

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Hash Generator