Home Entertainment Installer Appointment Software

Online Appointment Booking Software for Home Entertainment Installation

Home Entertainment Installer Appointment SoftwareElectrical work can be daunting for someone who has little experience with it. When it comes to installing a home entertainment system chances are, the individual has their concept in mind but no idea where to start. That’s where you and your company come in! Helping their vision come to life while delivering quality service. To deliver that quality service also means putting the phone down and missing calls and emails that could be potential new business opportunities. If you were constantly on the phone at your job site scheduling new appointments, not only is the job delayed in completion, but could leave a negative impression with your client. Online appointment booking software with GigaBook helps you stay connected with new customers, while you are completing a project and even after business hours.

Try GigaBook’s Home Entertainment Installer Appointment Software

Using GigaBook, customers can schedule appointments through a custom booking widget that is integrated into your website. Once an appointment is scheduled, your customers and staff members can receive notifications via text and email. You can easily set reoccurring appointments if a project lasts over a couple days/week. If an unexpected event were to come up, you can easily reschedule with those clients and notify them of the appointment change. Using GigaBook’s invoicing feature, you can easily create and track invoices and the status of those invoices. GigaBook will sync to your 3rd party calendars such as Google Calendar and Outlook seamlessly. GigaBook can also be used as a scheduling software within your business. With GigaBook you are able to focus on delivering quality service while still being able to grow your business at the same time.

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software you can: 

  • Use your existing website to schedule appointments.
  • Send notifications to your clients.
  • Receive text and emails about scheduled appointments.
  • Create and track invoices and their payment status.
  • Sync with 3rd party calendars.
  • Set repeat appointments.