Home Organizer Appointment Software

Online appointment booking software application for professional home organizer businesses

Home Organizer Appointment SoftwareLife today is fast-paced and extremely busy, and it is known that people are more productive when the environment they live and work in is organized. Not everyone has time to keep things straightened up or find a spot for all of their stuff. This is where you come in. As a professional home organizer, you de-clutter your client’s surroundings and find a “home” for everything. Booking your clients can be time consuming and become messy even for the most systematic people. Double booking clients or forgetting to return a phone call doesn’t look good for your reputation, so that’s where GigaBook saves the day. GigaBook will help the organized stay organized!

As the methodical person you are as a professional home organizer, you keep up with the times and probably have constructed a website that matches your talents and personality. So how wonderful would it be to be able to book your clients right there on your own existing website, with all of your real-time availability showing 24 hours a day? That’s just one of the many offerings from GigaBook!

 Try GigaBook’s Home Organizer Appointment Software

Establish yourself as a true professional with GigaBook’s helpful features such as:

  • Emailing or texting clients and yourself reminders of your arrival time and date
  • Auto-syncing with your current online calendar to show real-time availability
  • Built in To-Do list in your GigaBook dashboard, with reminder emails of items due
  • Save exportable client lists in your dashboard
  • Collect payment or deposits at time of online booking
  • Keep track of your paid and pending invoices
  • Customize your booking widget to collect desired client information at time of booking
  • Customizable questions at time of booking
  • Create your booking widget to match the colors and features of your website
  • User friendly booking widget for you and your clients, which creates positive reflection on your business and effective communication

GigaBook is a dream for those who like to stay organized and efficient. Even the most skilled and coordinated use a secret weapon to stay ahead of the game. With your personalized online booking, your business will explode with interest; you may even have to hire an apprentice or two to keep up with your expanded client-base!