Home Repair Scheduling Software

Scheduling Software for Home Repair Services

Home Repair Scheduling SoftwareHome repair is concerned with one of your clients’ most precious possessions and rightly demands your urgent yet meticulous effort. To accomplish your tasks smoothly, the same level of conscientiousness should be extended to time management. With the amount of work to be done and the number of clients to accommodate, it may become too overwhelming for your staff to handle the endless stream of demands. Delays and deficient manpower may end up compromising the quality of your work. Luckily, you can pass such tedious burden to GigaBook’s home repair schedule software.

GigaBook’s home repair scheduling software does its fair share of fixing. It is specifically designed to streamline your workflow. It prevents mishaps such as scheduling conflicts and miscommunication, all the while helping you keep track of your transactions. Let GigaBook fix your time so that you can focus on fixing homes.       

Try GigaBook’s Home Repair Scheduling Software

GigaBook lets you accept appointments through your existing website so you can avoid double bookings and missed appointments. Automating these transactions makes it more convenient for your staff and client to arrange dates, and it can generally increase your company’s productivity.

GigaBook can also automate sending custom notifications and reminders to clients. Your clients will receive timely updates about their appointment through email and/or text, so they can prepare for your arrival. This assures them that you are actively responding to their needs.

You can sync GigaBook with third-party calendars so you get instantly notified when an appointment has been made. It can be synced with online calendars like Exchange, Google Calendar, Microsoft Office, Apple iCal and more. This feature can also be used to send personalized messages and marketing materials to clients. You can build up your relationship with customers to entice them on availing your services again.

GigaBook also has a “Projects” function that can store data about all your ongoing, completed and pending projects. You can review how well you performed in the previous projects and prepare for upcoming deadlines your team has to meet.

With GigaBook’s home repair scheduling software, you can:

  • Organize business schedule
  • Keep track of company projects
  • Automate notifications and reminders
  • Sync other online calendars
  • And much more!

Boost your business today with GigaBook’s home repair scheduling software. Start out with a free, 14-day trial and discover how it can help you run your business more efficiently!