How to Automate Online Bookings

Automate online bookings to leverage your business.

Automate Online Bookings

Not long ago, service providers heavily rely on phone calls and walk-in clients. Businesses have yet to discover the benefits of automated online bookings. 

Through online bookings, business establishments can cater to 24/7 appointment-setting. Allowing customers to place bookings anytime, anywhere gives them utmost convenience. You can think about the customers who are more likely to book in the evening when they are out from work. These people have more leisure time to surf online. 

If you offer online booking, it gives the impression that you are always open for business. In this way, you get a significant chance of increasing your bookings.

Integrating an online booking system into your business also saves time and money spent on human resources. There are processes you can automate through online booking software. These processes are:

  • Checking availability of schedules
  • Gathering customer information
  • Sending out booking confirmation
  • Updating the calendar once a booking is confirmed

You can successfully automate all these processes and more when you have the right software. If you spend time browsing the internet, you’ll find that there are now many online booking software on the market. But we would like to highlight one tool that surely helps you automate online booking.

What is GigaBook?

GigaBook is a robust appointment scheduling and online booking system. Through GigaBook, you can automate online bookings at your fingertips. By integrating our online booking system, you can schedule appointments for services and simultaneously process payments and send reminders.

Once you incorporate GigaBook into your website, you can stop missing client opportunities altogether. Furthermore, you can save time and money by managing your business from anywhere in the world. 

GigaBook’s Awesome Online Booking Features 

Now that you know GigaBook, how can you use this system to automate your online bookings? One of the edges of GigaBook among its peers is the tool’s ease of use. You’ll find the system is easy to navigate and highly reliable when checking your bookings. 

Appointment Scheduling and Business Dashboard

Efficiency is a top priority when it comes to organizing your client bookings. One slight mistake, such as double booking, can disrupt the entire shared calendar. One way to prevent this is to automate the whole booking process. That is what GigaBook’s appointment scheduling feature offers its end-users. 

This advanced tool can integrate your online bookings and phone call appointments into one system. What’s more, you can check all your bookings in the business dashboard for real-time availability.

Schedule Appointments

Automated Reminders

Avoid no-show customers through automated reminders. You can customize automated emails to clients and staff alike. This feature ensures that your customer does not forget their appointments. The team assigned to work will also receive notifications. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

How to Automate Reminders

Confirm Appointment Requests

This feature automatically confirms incoming appointments. Moreover, you can also add a feature where you assign staff members when needed and instantly add them to your calendar.

Confirm Appointment Requests

Automate Online Bookings with Gigabook

With the above features, you can have a smooth online booking process. But it keeps getting better. GigaBook still has a lot of features in store. You will find that you can automate online bookings and other functions using GigaBook.

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