How to Get a Project Management Tool for Your Business

Introducing GigaBook as an online platform that you can also use for project management.

Technology keeps making our lives fast and efficient for us to always be on the lookout for the most helpful and cost-efficient tools.

There are multiple platforms to use to make business processes more efficient. Similarly, managing a business comes close to managing projects. 

Businesses usually have tools that manage their operations. Manual management tools are still being used, but many businesses are now hopping on the trend of digital transformation. All-in-one business process management tools are now accessible in the market.

Let’s say that you already have your web application tool and you have a project that you want to do—a campaign, an event, or even a survey. 

Businesses often hire third-party organizations to do these to free them from the hassle. This may pose a challenge for smaller businesses that want to save up some cash. So, going for online tracking tools is most likely the best way to go. But if your current management software doesn’t allow you to do so, check out GigaBook.

What is GigaBook?

GigaBook is an online appointment booking software, but that’s not only it. It is also an all-in-one business process management software that allows entrepreneurs to keep track of all their resources in a single platform. It’s one of the best appointment scheduling app for newcomers with complex bookings. This makes the software the best to use for startups.

Additionally, GigaBook has project management tool features that allow its users to automate their project management. Features such as success tracking and calendar synching are just some of the reasons why GigaBook can be used for project management.

How to use GigaBook as a Project Management Tool

How can online appointment booking software manage projects? GigaBook handles simple to complex processes. You can customize it to fit all the needs of your business. So if you’re business pops projects from time to time, you can use the application not only for your business processes but also for your projects! 

Here are ways to use GigaBook as a Project Management tool:
  • Manage clientsGigaBook has features that enable you to manage your clients. For campaigns and events, you can have your audience sign up using GigaBook forms! Another way to get in touch with them is to give them access to reach you. They can book appointments and meetings with you through the web app.
  • Synchronize calendarsSpeaking of meetings, you can synchronize your GigaBook to all your existing cloud-based calendars. You can also keep track of the schedule of every person involved in your project—be it a client, audience, or even a team member.
  • Track your progressGigaBook’s built-in Project Management tool has a Kanban board that you can customize. You just have to set your project phases, create tickets, assign resources, and you’re good to go. This Kanban board gives you a clearer tracking of how your project is doing—whether it’s just planned, in progress, done, or a backlog.
  • Set deadlines, reminders, and notificationsEach ticket in the project management board is time-bound. With this feature, you can set deadlines for each part of the project. By defining this, you’ll be able to identify your priorities. Reminders and notifications for these task tickets are also made available so no one misses out on critical times and dates in your project.
  • Accept paymentsFor projects such as events and campaigns where you sell tickets or promotions, you can use GigaBook to receive payments. GigaBook transacts payments, invoices, and deposits so you don’t have to look for another app to do this for you.
  • Generate reportsUsing GigaBook, every task done or undone is recorded. So, it is now easier to create reports for when you need them. 


Many entrepreneurs have testified to the marvels that GigaBook has done for them. Not only does it allow them to manage the entirety of their businesses, but it also has all the tools needed to address each business need. Whether it’s just tracking tasks, it sure is very useful.

You can also be one of those who made their business better with GigaBook. You can customize it any way you want to fit what your business needs. Check out GigaBook’s website to learn more about the product or contact us to start with your FREE 14-day TRIAL today!