HTTP Header Sniffer

HTTP Header Sniffer online web developer tools

HTTP response codes can look confusing if you don’t know anything about coding. With the HTTP Header Sniffer tool offered by GigaBook, you will be able to better understand what those error messages mean. The HTTP Header Sniffer will look at different internet browser and help you find where your error message is coming from.

When coding your website, the HTTP Header Sniffer helps you detect different responses through user agents such as Google Chrome and Safari. By detecting these user agents, you will be able to see how your customers view the site. Whether it be through traditional website browsing using a desktop or through mobile browsing, HTTP Header Sniffer will be able to detect that. Benefits of detecting user agents through the HTTP Header Sniffer allow for customization for specific devices such as those mobile devices or standing desktop. It will also assist with tracking statistics, breaking down how users are viewing your site.

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