HVAC Mechanic Appointment Software

HVAC Mechanic Online Appointment Booking Software

HVAC Mechanic Appointment SoftwareHeating and cooling is something that has become too critical to us. When the temperature isn’t set just right we can have the tendency to crazy especially when the AC goes out. Having to schedule an HVAC fix can be a hassle in itself for clients. There is a service time window before a tech can come look at and fix. On the flip side, this is great business for you! However, it can be difficult to schedule multiple appointments if you are at a job site and cannot hear the phone ring or have the chance to answer an email. If you do answer your phone, it can seem like bad service to your client as they are already irritated with the heat. Online appointment booking software, allows your customers to schedule appointments when available. This allows you to focus on completing the current HVAC issue your client is experiencing while still growing your business simultaneously.

Try GigaBook’s HVAC Mechanic Appointment Software

When you use GigaBook as your appointment booking software, customers can schedule appointments using your already existing website. GigaBook gives you the flexibility to create a custom booking widget that can be integrated into your website. When an appointment is scheduled, you can send notifications and reminders to the client and your staff about the scheduled appointment. If an unexpected event were to come up, you can easily reschedule the appointment and notify your client of the change. Do you have clients that schedule routine maintenance? You can easily set reoccurring appointments for those clients. When a job is completed, you can send an invoice to the client via email. GigaBook helps you easily track invoices and the payment status of those invoices.

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software you can:

  • Accept appointments using your website.
  • Create a booking widget that matches your website’s themes.
  • Notify clients of their scheduled appointments.
  • Send reminders to staff members of scheduled appointments.
  • Create invoices and track payment status.
  • Sync with 3rd party calendars.