In Home Laundry Service Booking Software

Online scheduling software for in home laundry services

In Home Laundry Service Booking SoftwareToday, people have everything coming to their house or straight to their door, whether it is babysitters, grocery deliveries, online shopping shipments, dog trainers, or house cleaners. So why send out your laundry when you can have someone do it right at your house and have it folded and back in your drawers the same day?

Your In-home laundry service has helped many busy families, senior citizens, and disabled keep up with their never-ending task of laundry. Now GigaBook is here to help your business with the never-ending task of taking bookings in addition to many other logistical tasks to help your business run efficiently. GigaBook is a cloud-based appointment-booking platform that can fit right onto your existing website.

Try GigaBook’s In Home Laundry Service Booking Software

What all can GigaBook do to help my in-home laundry service business?

  • Email and text reminders so clients know you are coming
  • Allow online booking 24 hours a day from any computer, phone, or tablet
  • Accept online deposits at time of booking
  • Email customized invoices and collect payments online
  • Create custom booking forms
  • Use the to-do list to help keep employees on top of their tasks

GigaBook has many more tools that will help your business stay organized and become more successful while saving you time and money. Sign up for a free trial today!