Interior Decorator Appointment Software

Online booking software ideal for Interior Design professionals

Interior Decorator Appointment SoftwareInterior design is a tough and time-consuming job. When you meet a new client, you must learn their personality, know their budget, understand their comfort zone (maybe know how to push that zone a little bit), and fill their homes with the appropriate furniture and décor that they can be proud to show off.

As a professional interior decorator, your plate is full with your clients’ requests, your research on sales and designs, and many phone calls or store visits to achieve the perfect look. As an extremely busy designer, taking new phone calls to set up appointments with new clients (or more fittingly, playing a game phone tag) can be distracting and a little frustrating as you try to squeeze them into your books. This has now been solved with simply adding GigaBook into your life.

GigaBook is a cloud-based appointment-booking platform that fits right onto your existing website to show your real time availability. You simply keep your GigaBook calendar updated with any of your errands, appointments, or “unavailable” time; and your potential and repeat clients will see what days and times you are available and can book a time with you right there on your site. You will immediately be notified you have a new appointment, and you can have your GigaBook account send text or email reminders to you and your client which reduces no-shows!

Try GigaBook’s Interior Decorator Appointment Software for free!

GigaBook offers much more than online booking and appointment reminders, such as:

  • Collection of payment at time of booking
  • Booking online 24 hours a day from any computer, tablet, or phone
  • A built-in to-do list on your GigaBook dashboard with email reminders on due dates
  • An invoicing system to keep track of paid and unpaid clients
  • Saving client information in GigaBook’s dashboard client list from time of booking
  • Accepting promo codes for online promotions which brings in new clientele
  • Very customizable booking options from the look on your website to the questions you ask, all to fit your business needs
  • Wonderful customer service to answer any set-up or other questions


GigaBook is a dream for organization and easy scheduling for any interior designer. Check it out today and watch how quickly your business improves as your trusted online assistant.