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Online JavaScript Minifier web developer tool

Tired of waiting for your page to load? Anything longer than three seconds of loading seems like an eternity. With the JavaScript Minifier tool offered by GigaBook, waiting becomes less of a hassle allowing your page to load quicker. JavaScript Minifier will not only help speed up page loading times but will also reduce the bandwidth consumption from your website.

Too good to be true? Simply use the JavaScript Minifier and paste your JavaScript into the text area and click minify. The tool operates removing all comments, unwanted whitespace and line breaks from your code! Once minified copy and paste the code to your website and you’re all set! When you reduce your code, your web page loading times are reduced allowing for a more pleasant experience for the end user!

GigaBook offers a variety of simple yet efficient web development tools. Tools range from the JavaScript Minifier to more advanced CSS and HTML, tools all are user-friendly making your web design process more efficient and less of a headache! Plus these tools are FREE to use! With a simple sign up, you will have access to over 40 different web development tools absolutely free! When it comes to online appointment booking GigaBook has you covered!

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JavaScript Minifier