Jazz Music Instructor Appointment Software

Online scheduling software ideal for jazz music instructors

Jazz Music Instructor Appointment SoftwareSome of the most influential musicians of all time reside within the Jazz genre. Spread the joy of music to even more people by allowing lessons to be booked around the clock! Use GigaBook’s Jazz Music Instructor Lesson Software to keep connected with your students any time day or night. Whether you are a full-time instructor or part-time, become more efficient with the automated software offered by GigaBook.

Easily block off time you are not available for lessons with the click of a button. Additionally, GigaBook allows the instructor to follow up with automated email and sms reminders to reduce the amount of no-show lessons. Maximize your efficiency by allowing GigaBook’s automated features to lighten your workload. Spend more time instructing and less time doing admin work related to the lessons.

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As a Jazz Music Instructor, you can also utilize some of GigaBook’s other great features:

  • Online invoicing and payments to allow customers to pay at their convenience
  • Group lessons to maximize efficiency
  • Business dashboard to manage all different aspects of your business
  • Promotional codes to attract new customers