Jewelry Class Group Booking Software

Online booking and reservation group jewelry classes

Jewelry Class Booking SoftwareAs a small business owner and a creative mind offering classes to teach others the art of jewelry making, the actual act of booking these classes and receiving phone calls, voicemails, and emails trying to piece together who is coming to which class can be overwhelming and well… not fun. So keep your focus on your lesson plans and your projects and let someone else handle that task in a well-organized manner. The best part is, this “someone else” works for you 24/7.

Its name is Gigabook, and it is an online booking platform that you can simply add onto your existing website so your clients can quickly and easily book your class on their computer, tablet, or phone and they don’t have to bother you until the day of the class.

Try GigaBook’s Jewelry Class Booking Software

Your clients can not only book 24 hours a day for the classes you offer, but Gigabook will keep track of your class and know when it has reached capacity. Clients can even pay for the class at the time of booking so you don’t have to deal with that at the beginning or end of class. Gigabook will also remind your clients of their class with your preference of email or text reminders, so you wont hear the excuse of “I forgot” again!

Other great features Gigabook has to offer:

Book multiple clients at once (a group of friends can group together)

Calendar sharing features allowing you to sync your preferred calendar with Gigabook

Wonderful Gigabook customer support who can walk you through the set-up process and answer other future questions

Customizable questions during booking process to gather any specific information needed

Saves your client database for easy reference

Provider’s dashboard contains a To-Do List so you can stay on top of what you need to do next (while you aren’t worrying about booking your clients)

Increased revenue, content customers, reduced no-shows, and organizational help are just a few benefits you will experience by signing up today. Stop the headaches and start the jewelry-making by checking out today!