Laser Tag Booking Software

Online booking application for laser tag group parties and businesses

Laser Tag Booking SoftwareWhether is a birthday, graduation, or just a reason to party; you always have people wanting to set up bookings and times to play laser tag! These are always (or ever) easy to book though! You might be fixing equipment, getting a group ready, looking over your books; you really have to be a jack of all trades! So when do you have time to sit on a phone and schedule or simply answer questions of “when are you available for a party?” The answer is no and we both know it. These time wasting activities are not helping you make money and you need something that will. Thats what Gigabook can help you with. Gigabook can turn your existing website into a real-time booking website in just a matter of moments! Now you can take appointments 24/7 online. Never again will you be too busy or not be near your phone, you won’t have to waste time to ask if you have an opening, everything is available to your customers online so you have be more productive!

Try Gigabook’s Laser Tag Booking Software

With Gigabook Online Appointment Software, you can:

  • Start taking appointments online with your current website
  • Send SMS text message reminders to your clients
  • Take payments online
  • Create promo codes
  • Take bookings 24 hours a day

Do you need to book groups or parties at your laser tag business?  Our Group Booking Application is perfect for you!

Through the use of Online Booking Software you can experience the following benefits:

  • Decrease no-shows by sending reminders
  • Increase increase revenue by using your site as a real-time booking engine
  • Create efficiency and convenience for you and your clients