Law Office Scheduling Software

Online Scheduling Software Ideal for Use With Law Offices, Attorneys and Paralegals

Online Scheduling Software for Law OfficesWhether you run a law firm or are a lawyer working on building your own practice, there’s one thing that remains constant: The need for time- and personnel-management. Law offices balance many clients, projects and deadlines on a daily and monthly basis, and oftentimes these can become overwhelming. There are many ways to help with every day redundancy throughout the office to help staff and firms run more efficiently – it’s not a large or complex undertaking – and save both time and money along the way. That’s why an online scheduling software for law offices is a huge necessity.

With GigaBook, an online scheduling software for law offices, firms can set to-do lists for team members and staff through the “project management” feature. With this, projects and tasks can be tracked, reassigned if need be and simply checked off once completed. Dividing responsibilities throughout the office will result in better communication and faster turnaround on completion dates.

Making sure everyone – you, clients, staff, consultants, etc. – stay updated is pivotal to ensuring accurate and timely information exchange. With online scheduling software for law offices, you can send personalized reminders and notifications about meetings, cancellations and reschedules through email, text, or both. Once the GigaBook calendar is changed, it updates all appropriate parties and syncs with all third-party calendars such as Outlook, Apple and Google Calendars. This automation prevents any risk of double-bookings and fewer no-show appointments.

Try GigaBook’s Online Scheduling Software for Law Offices

During any process in which a lawyer is booking billable hours, those hours along with specified rates and fees need to be updated accordingly. Using GigaBook as your online scheduling software for law offices, it is simple to create, send and track invoices whenever they are needed. They are also stored in the cloud, which makes it easy to update and search for past due, outstanding and paid invoices.

Using GigaBook’s online scheduling software for law offices, you have the ability to:

  • Manage Personnel
  • Set to-do lists
  • Keep projects and deadlines in check
  • Create, send and track invoices
  • Schedule, create and send personalized reminders
  • So much more…

This is just a handful of the many ways GigaBook can help you and your firm thrive and continue to grow. The money and time saved through becoming more efficient will speak for itself, so give it a try for yourself with a free, 14-day trial and find out for yourself.