Lawn Equipment Rental Scheduling Software

Online reservation software ideal for lawn equipment reservation rentals

Lawn Equipment Rental Scheduling SoftwareDriving by a beautifully manicured property says a lot about the person who lives there or the company who owns the business.   Growing and maintaining a beautiful yard requires a lot of time, effort and knowledge.  Having the right tools and knowing when to use them is a critical element of the process as well.  Whether it’s removing weeds, dethatching or aerating, or seeding and fertilizing, it’s all a properly timed activity.

With spring and fall being the two most active times for yard work, GigaBook can assist with the organization of your lawn equipment rental.  Once you easily set up your account, your clients can quickly see, on your website, the availability of your equipment without having to pick up the phone and call.  They can schedule equipment rental, pickup and/or delivery time, and can pay online.  And since GigaBook is your 24/7 employee, you can be assured if you’re out of your office assisting with equipment delivery, you won’t miss opportunities.

 Try GigaBook’s Lawn Equipment Rental Software

Gigabook’s Online Booking Software can help:

  • Create reminders automatically that are sent to your clients
  • Track key business numbers for continued success and growth
  • GigaBook is compatible with all devices—phones, tablets, and desktop and laptop computers
  • Custom forms can be created to collect key information during the booking process
  • Share to-do lists with your clients and staff so that everyone stays on the same page