Marriage and Family Therapist Appointment Software

Marriage and Family Therapist Appointment Software

Marriage and Family Therapist Appointment SoftwareEveryone has their struggles in life, some more than others. We reach out to others for support to help us get through tough times. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, you help guide and work through the hardship these couples and families are facing. As great as it is to offer encouragement and support through your sessions, you have your practice to run. You can’t schedule appointments with clients while you are in the middle of a session. It can come off as a lack of respect to your clients. With online appointment booking software, you have the capability to schedule appointments and focus on your clients simultaneously.

Try GigaBook’s Marriage and Family Therapist Appointment Software

GigaBook’s online appointment software gives you the ability to connect with your clients at all times. Using the booking widget you are able to accept appointments through your existing website. Once an appointment is made, you can send notifications and reminders to your clients and staff about the upcoming appointment, through text and email. You can easily keep track of your client’s contact information all in one location. Using the invoicing feature, you can create invoices and track payment status of those invoices sent to your clients. With clients you see on a regular basis, you can easily set reoccurring appointments with those clients! When it comes to unexpected events, you can easily reschedule appointments and notify your clients of those changes. You can sync to third party calendars such as Outlook and Google Calendar with GigaBook ensuring an appointment isn’t overlooked. Imagine, not having to worry about missing a call or email when you are in a session and being able to focus solely on your client, with GigaBook you can do just that!

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software you can: 

  • Accept appointments using your existing website.
  • Send notifications to clients about their appointment.
  • Create client invoices.
  • Sync to third-party calendars.
  • Easily set repeat appointments with clients.
  • Create projects and to-do lists for your staff.