Mediator Appointment Scheduling Software

Online appointment booking software for mediators

Mediator Appointment Scheduling SoftwareYour time it whats valuable, you almost never have a free minute, and if you do, its not enough time to book a weeks worth of appointments. You see clients all day, and when you have free time, you’re working on your appointments for your upcoming clients. Since you can’t answer your phone during a session, and you do not need a full time secretary, you need an alternative. Gigabook is that alternative. You can change your current website into a real-time booking website on just a few minutes. Today you can start accepting appointments online and start maximizing profits! Even though you know you will be ready for your appointments with your clients, they seem to always have things come up. With Gigabook’s reminders, you will never have your clients forget again. You can set up emails and text messages to be sent to your clients so they are always on time!

Try Gigabook’s Mediator Class Appointment Software

With Gigabook Online Appointment Software, you can:

  • Through your current website, you can have your clients schedule online
  • Send emails or texts messages as reminders to your clients
  • Remind yourself in the same manor so you never miss an appointment
  • Have recurring appointments set up with just clicking a button

With such a sensitive industry, you can still set up group sessions with Gigabook’s Group Setting Booking Tool. Your clients can book in these group sessions online and you can customize everything as you wish, and it is as easy as copy and paste.

The following benefits can be experienced with the use of effective appointment and calendar management:

  • Use reminders to decrease no-shows and increase conversion rates
  • Increase customer communications
  • Reach your highest profits with reducing time on scheduling

Your current website can be a real-time booking website in no time!