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The Meta Tag Generator offered by GigaBook allows web designers to input their content without having to write any lines of code. Why can meta tags be useful you ask? Meta tags can be content that will help tell search engines what content is on a web page. With the Meta Tag Generator, you can input the information you want such as your title, description, certain keywords and your canonical URL. Once your tags are defined, simply generate a meta tag and you are all set!

Writing code can be complex and lengthy without the right tools. GigaBook’s web development tools are designed to help alleviate those headaches and frustrations. Whether you are and advanced web designer or just starting out GigaBook’s tools are there to help you every step of the way!

With a simple sign up, you will gain access to over 40 FREE tools. There is not catch involved with signing up! There are animation tools, SEO tools, along with font and color tools. All these tools will assist you in your web design, generating code for you when you have designed the perfect layout. Too good to be true? We encourage you to test them out, and see what you think!


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Meta Tag Generator