Mobile Dog Grooming Appointment Scheduling Software

Mobile Dog Grooming Appointment Scheduling SoftwareAs a groomer, you know your clients’ four-legged friend are more than pets — they are a part of the family. With that comes much responsibility, and oftentimes, it becomes a struggle to keep up.

As a mobile dog groomer, you understand better than anyone the need for efficiency, punctuality, accuracy and thorough communication.

With all those moving parts , it would definitely be nice to have a system that allows you to meet all those requirements, as well as take care of accounting and HR needs if called for.

That’s why you need GigaBook, a mobile dog grooming appointment scheduling software! GigaBook is fully customizable, so you can set it up the way that is most conducive to your operation.

Try GigaBook’s Mobile Dog Grooming Appointment Scheduling Software

Using GigaBook’s mobile dog grooming appointment scheduling software, you have the ability to accept appointments through your own existing website. GigaBook also supports multiple locations, so whether your clients come to you or you go to them, you will always know your distance and drive time.

GigaBook’s booking widget allows your customers to book their own date, time and location, and since they are able to see your real-time availability, there is no risk of double-bookings along with a decreased risk of no-show appointments.

What’s more is that once the appointment is booked and accepted, GigaBook syncs with all third-party calendars, like Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple and Exchange — instantly!

GigaBook’s mobile dog grooming appointment scheduling software integrates with BrainTree, PayPal, and Stripe. Once the customer has scheduled their time with you, GigaBook gives you the ability to accept payment on the spot!

This ensures you receive the proper funds for your time and resources in a timely manner. You can also create, send and monitor invoices before or after the appointment. The ability to automate many of these tasks is a huge time-saver.

Staying in constant contact with staff and making sure customers are up to date are very important aspects of owning and operating a business. That’s why our mobile dog grooming appointment scheduling software allows users to create, schedule and send personalized notifications and reminders through email and text.

Perfect for sending out promotional and marketing materials, thank yous, birthday wishes, location details, etc. This is not only great for keeping everyone in the loop, but it will lead to higher customer satisfaction, which leads to repeat and referral business.

Using GigaBook, a mobile dog grooming appointment scheduling software, you can:

  • Book appointments through you current website
  • Send personalized notifications and reminders
  • Prepare, send and track invoices
  • Sync with all third party calendars
  • Accept payments through your website
  • Increase overall communication and efficiency

Give GigaBook’s mobile dog grooming appointment scheduling software a shot with a free, no obligation 14-day trial and discover the many ways you can you can start saving time, money and resources while continuing to thrive and grow!