Music Instructor Scheduling Software

Online lesson scheduling software ideal for music instructors

Music Instructor Scheduling SoftwareClassically trained musicians are one of the greatest tools to providing lessons at all levels—beginner, intermediate, advanced or expert level students and to all ages and the musical genre they like.  Some students want to take their music serious and take it to the professional level; others seek to learn a few songs and learn them well.  As a music instructor, let GigaBook help you keep your business organized and growing.

GigaBook provides online booking so that your students can go to your website and schedule lessons with you.  You both receive a confirmation via text or email, and notification reminders are sent out near lesson time.  This allows you uninterrupted time with your current students while not missing opportunities with potential students.  Using the To-Do list keeps lesson plans on target.  With customized reports, you can monitor student attendance and development.  Group bookings allow you to set up lessons for more than one student at a time.

 Try GigaBook’s Music Instructor Scheduling Software

With GigaBook online booking software, you can: 

  • Sync other calendars such as iCloud, Outlook or Google with the GigaBook calendar
  • Use GigaBook on multiple devices such as tablets, mobile devices or desktop and laptops
  • Take payments via PayPal, Braintree, Stripe or
  • Create reminders automatically for your students about their scheduled lessons
  • Take bookings, appointments and reservations for groups