Music Lesson Scheduling Software for Piano, Guitar Teachers

Guitar, Piano, Violin and Music Lesson Scheduling software for instructors

Music Instructor SoftwareWhether you are a Guitar instructor, Singing Coach or Piano Teacher you have chosen to pass on your musical talents to the next generation, what a gift! As a Music teacher providing either or both private and group lessons, how are you staying organized? How are you communicating with your students and their families? How are you recruiting new students?

Using Gigabook Scheduling Tools you can:

  • Reduce missed lessons
  • Notify students of cancelations easily and quickly
  • Allow your music students to schedule online
  • Easily display your available lesson times
  • Schedule Group Lessons
  • Send text message reminders to parents and students

Try GigaBook Scheduling Tools for Music Professionals

Staying organized is paramount in any industry, but when you are responsible for everything, it is that much more necessary. has developed a software solution for Music Teachers and Music School’s that will allow you to not only keep your student schedules organized, but also the schedules of you and your teaching staff. GigaBook’s interactive calendar allows you to see the current lessons booked based on the availability of you and your staff. The software allows you to enter reoccurring appointments/lessons, send notifications and reminders to students and their families, and to update/reschedule quickly while still sending the communication to the correct service provider and/or student. GigaBook is not only a powerful scheduling tool, it also allows you to harness the power of your website to acquire new students and fill in the gaps of your current schedule by allowing online availability. GigaBook offers a free customized booking widget for your current website, or if you don’t have a website it allows you to build a free booking site.

As a busy entrepreneur, you need to focus on the student you are with at any given time rather than answering a phone or returning a text, but those two things are in the back of your mind from the moment they take place to the moment you return it. Allow GigaBook to help you reduce the number of calls and texts with reminder notifications and/or adding the ability to locate a time via your website in your voicemail message. Allow your fellow Music Teachers access to the software so they can keep their schedules up to date as well. Whether it is you in a sole proprietor business or as part of a group, allow GigaBook to help organize, automate and increase communication. By allowing GigaBook to be your assistant you reduce the amount of time you spend on mundane tasks, allowing you to focus on the most important task – Pachelbel’s Canon in D for your fifth year or Up on the Rooftop for your first year.