Online Meeting Scheduling Software, Apps

Improved ways to schedule meetings using online appointment scheduling software or apps

Online Meeting Scheduling SoftwareDo you spend too much time trying to arrange and scheduling meetings with your clients, staff or others?  Fortunately, there is a better way than asking everyone over and over again, “When are you available?”  Through the use of online appointment platforms like GigaBook, you can never have to ask that question again!  Think about all of the time you will save.

You were probably aware that this technology existed, that’s pretty clear because you found this article.  So let’s talk about a few different ways you can use online meeting scheduling software to your advantage!

Create a Booking Link or Page

Do you have regular meetings, seminars or sessions that your co-workers, clients or students sign up for?  If the answer is yes, then you should consider creating an easy to find, consistent location where all of these folks can sign up.  The easier you make it schedule online meetings, the more you will get.  In addition, this ease of use will continue to reduce the total amount of time and effort that those associated with your meetings spend scheduling them.

When you use GigaBook you can utilize our Business Page option to create a booking page.  While this feature at its core is intended for use by those without websites, you can easily use it for the scheduling meetings.  Other options would include a page on a website dedicated to it, or at least publishing the link to your online meeting scheduling application provided by GigaBook.

Use Some Tough Love When it Comes to Your Meetings

People don’t change easily.  In fact, some are remarkably stubborn.  In order to truly adopt new practices in and around your business you sometimes need to be tough about it.  If you are having an issue getting some people to schedule meetings online, then make it mandatory.  Don’t allow those not booked online to attend or participate.   This is particularly effective when it comes to group sessions that have a hard cap for maximum attendees.  Meaning, if you didn’t schedule online, then you don’t get a seat if the room is full.  It only takes getting shut out once for the stubborn ones to learn how you need it done.

Automate Reminders and Notifications

“I forgot” is the most frequently used excuse for not attending a missed session.  Most online scheduling software platforms, including GigaBook, are going to offer some kind of email or text message reminder if you offer.  This act will not only reduce chatter about when the meeting is to occur but more importantly, it will increase attendance.

Use Online Meeting Scheduling Software for Your Meeting Rooms too!

Are you never sure about when or if you can get a meeting room scheduled at your office?  It’s actually a really common issue.  You can use online meeting scheduling software for this purpose as well.  This will eliminate the issue of having a client arrive at your business but not having an adequate spot to meet with them.

Add a Link to Your Email Signature

When you use GigaBook you can easily add a link to your email signature that encourages those you meet with regularly to schedule their next meeting.

Display the Number of Remaining Spots in Your Meetings

Nothing instills a sense of urgency more than the fear of missing out.  GigaBook is highly customizable and allows you to do things such as displaying the remaining number of seats left in your meetings, this will let potential attendees know that spots are limited.  However, there is a caveat to this.  If you don’t have maximum capacity numbers at your meetings it could also discourage some from signing up.  It’s up to you to make that call on this one.

Require Payment at Time of Reservation

This, of course, is only applicable to businesses that charge for attending various meetings.  If you are having an issue with clients reserving space at your group sessions and then not showing up, then this is a surefire way to get them to show up.  It’s simple, if you paid for it, then you feel A LOT more obligated to attend the event.  However, if you don’t have anything to lose, then you probably aren’t going to feel the same way.

Add Pictures, Short, and Long Descriptions to Your Online Meeting Scheduling Application

Online listings for events and meetings get more interaction when it is REALLY clear what the meeting or session covers.  Therefore, when you set up your group sessions or meetings within your GigaBook account, add a picture then add a short or long description.  This clearly defines what your meeting cover, what participants might need to bring and anything else you might want to cover.

Hopefully, this helped give you some more information about online meeting scheduling software as well as some great ways to effectively use in your world.  GigaBook does a lot more than just help you schedule meetings online, we also automate repetitive tasks, send emails and text message reminders and also offer a wide variety of business and web developer tools that can not only help you save more time but also make more money!