Online Software for Scheduling Appointments, Meetings

Information about utilizing online meeting and appointment scheduling software

Online Software for Scheduling Appointments, MeetingsIs the overall volume of your appointments becoming an issue?  Or maybe you are finding that you are missing out on opportunities because you can’t answer calls while providing services for your existing clients.  Either way, you are looking at an expensive proposition.  Fortunately for you, there are easy to use, affordable options for taking or scheduling appointments online through your existing website or other online portals used for scheduling meetings.

Missing Incoming Calls is EXPENSIVE

When your phone rings and you don’t answer it you cost yourself money.  It’s that simple.  You are trying to make that phone ring, and on that call, there is likely a client or potential client waiting for you to answer and schedule them for your services.  When you utilize online software for scheduling your appointments and meetings, you can increase the rate of successful appointment bookings at your business!  In addition, you give yourself the ability to schedule your services 24 hours a day.  All of this adds up to?  You got it… More appointment bookings!

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Online Software for Scheduling Appointments – Meetings

Clients Want Online Scheduling

I’ve heard a lot of reasons why people don’t want to use online scheduling software.  One of my favorites is, “My clients really like my personal touch.”  Sorry, they don’t, they really just want to be able to make an appointment.  Let them experience your personal service when they are with you.  The act of creating or setting a new appointment should be FAST and EFFICIENT.  In addition, it should be seamless.  If your incoming appointment flow relies on your or a staff member answering the phone every time, then it is inherently flawed.  Sorry, it’s the truth.  There just isn’t a way that you are going to answer that call, all day, every day.  In addition, requiring your client to call for an appointment is another thing they need to do to make a purchase from your business.  It’s easy to forget, and sometimes hard to remember to do within the context of a busy life.  Make it easy to book, it’s that straightforward if you want to increase bookings.

It’s More Efficient and Cheaper to Use Software for Scheduling Appointments

Do you pay someone to answer your calls and set your appointments?  Do you do it yourself?  Either way its expensive and it’s likely that your time or money are best spent on other parts of your business.  The affordability of software used to schedule meetings and appointments online is amazing.  In addition, when you use a platform like GigaBook, you won’t need to install anything or buy any additional equipment.  It all runs on our server.  You and your staff will have a shared environment where you can see each other’s appointments and also use other efficiency tools like to-do lists to delete and assign tasks.

You Will Reduce No-Show Appointments

If your client doesn’t show it’s hard to count the dough.  Right?  Even if you DO charge a client for a no-show appointment it still isn’t the right way to build your business.  While it might account for your time, in the end, you aren’t going to end up with a loyal customer that way.  That makes completing a successful appointment a must.  One the most common reason that clients miss appointments is that they forgot.  GigaBook can help you setup and automate an entire series of appointment reminders via email or text message.  These reminders can also be used to deliver rescheduling or cancellation links if you choose to enable them.  In the end, sending these kinds of reminders will not only help your business, they will also help your clients have a much better experience with your business, thus increasing the likelihood of them returning, or recommending your business to others.

If You Aren’t Using Online Scheduling You Are Falling Behind Your Competition

At one point, online scheduling software was the way of the future, now it’s the way of the present.  Use of software platforms like GigaBook is widespread. If you aren’t using it for your business then you are already falling behind your competition which is either using it or getting ready too.  Knowing this, it is probably a good time to get started.  Afterall, the sooner you get started the sooner you will be done with getting your new online scheduling system integrated.

It’s Not Hard to Setup

Another common excuse I hear as to why a business isn’t using online booking is that the owner isn’t a “Tech” person.  Well, that isn’t a very good excuse, because you don’t need to have much is any technical know-how in order to get started with online scheduling and meeting software.  Well, not if you are using GigaBook.  When you use Smart Start, our intelligent account setup process, you only need 5-10 minutes to get your account up and running.  We start by asking you a few questions about your business, then based on the answers to those questions are able to give you an account setup flow that is remarkably easy to follow and only asks for additional information and questions related to your needs.

Making it Easy to Schedule Your Services Means More Business

The few obstacles you place between your clients and your cash register the better off you are.  That is plain and simple logic, however, most business owners don’t pay enough attention to this fact.  People most likely take the easiest and most convenient route to anything.  Look at Amazon, it has grown to become a mega company based on its ability to quickly and easily put products in the hands of its customers.  Your business can be the same.  You probably aren’t going to outgrow Amazon, but in regards to ease of use, your booking process can certainly give that instant feeling of gratification when your client schedules their next meeting online.

Matt DeCoursey