Online Task Scheduler, Automated Reminders

Schedule individual, group and businesses tasks online and set automated email or text message reminders

ProductivitySmall and medium sized business owners have to manage the chaotic scheduling of daily events somehow or risk losing control of the growth of their business. GigaBook offers an easy, intuitive solution to manage the demanding strain of consolidating many different tasks and schedules into one singular location. Allowing each individual in any business the ability to input a task or appointment into GigaBook blocks off time to make sure schedules are productive but not overbearing. Having schedules visible for everyone to see promotes a great way to increase productivity within the business.

In addition, allow your customers to schedule appointments based on the availability of your staff members. While members of the business are entering tasks and appointments, customers can also block off available time for convenience. With everyone creating tasks online, your business will achieve a new level of productivity.

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Business owners can obtain a free 14-day trial with absolutely no obligation. During the 14-day trial, you can begin a new way of business right away. Along with online task scheduling, GigaBook provides numerous additional features to help revolutionize the way your business operates. The responsive nature of the site caters to the device being used to access the site to make an optimal layout at all times. All the activities going through the account can now be accessed on the go as well.

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