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Information about the GigaBook Open API Booking Platform

Open API BookingAre you looking for a booking platform with an Open API?  GigaBook has an API that developers can access for a number of different purposes.  Make use of our welcome documented and robust API when it comes to integrating our booking platform with your current systems.

Using the GigaBook Open API you can:

  • Add and export client data and records
  • Add and export invoice invoice
  • Get or put scheduling information into calendars

View our API Documentation

If you aren’t already with familiar with the solutions that GigaBook provides small and medium sized business owners let us take a few moments to explain some.  Businesses of all sizes use the GigaBook Booking Platform to create efficiencies within their operations.  They do this through a series of automated functions that we offer to subscribers of any level.  Through utilizing our booking applications business owners are able to turn their existing websites into real-time booking engines that take appointments and bookings for their services, resources and group functions 24 hours a day.  In addition to automating the booking process GigaBook also performs quite a few other tasks that save time.  Some of these options include automatically setting up, then sending appointment reminders to staff and clients via email or sms text message.  This all results in saved time and a higher percentage of completed appointments.

Here is a screenshot of our API Management Page:

GigaBook Open API Management

Link an Application to the GigaBook API:

Link an Application to the GigaBook API