Party Tent Rental Software

Online booking software ideal for party supply rental businesses

Party Tent Rental SoftwareParty tents are a wonderful rental for use all year round, which can help with staying in the cool shade on the hot summer days or as a dry alternative when there is a high chance of rain. Not only do they help with the weather, party tents are trendy as they can help make any party feel like an extravagant event with high quality party tents.

As a small business owner, you know the number of daily tasks needed to be completed can overwhelm your day. GigaBook can help take a few time-consuming tasks over for you to give you more time to focus on other important items. GigaBook is a cloud-based appointment-booking platform, and you can insert a booking widget right onto your existing website. With GigaBook, you no longer have to answer the phone to check availability and book your party tents, but your clients can book them online 24 hours a day.

Try GigaBook’s Party Tent Rental Software

GigaBook offers many tools to help your day-to-day business process like:

  • Online booking available 24 hours a day
  • Email and text reminders to remind clients of pick up or delivery
  • A to-do list with due date email reminders
  • Online payments can be received at time of booking
  • Custom booking forms can be created to ask questions specific to your business
  • Promo codes can be made to attract new and repeat business

GigaBook has many other tools that are available for you to use all for a very affordable price. Get your party started today, and try a free trial of GigaBook today!