Personal Chef Appointment Scheduling Software

Scheduling and Appointment Tools for Personal Chef and Food Service Businesses

Personal Chef Scheduling SoftwareBeing an independent business owner and busy chef is not easy, especially as a personal chef dealing with several clients and/or events at one time. Without breaking the bank, how are people staying organized? What are other buddy chefs using to stay organized in this fast paced world? How can you effectively grow your business without ignoring your current customers? offers Personal Chef Scheduling Software that will assist in keeping you organized while in the kitchen or on the road. GigaBook offers an easy to use, browser based software package that was built for small businesses. Harness the power of your website and begin taking consulting appointments and/or offering classes that people can sign up for online. Stop feeling pressured to answer every call and return every text immediately (especially when you are currently in a meeting with a client) by giving your current and potential clients another resolution to their problem – let them grab time from your interactive calendar via your website. The online availability is based on what you want to allow. Continue scheduling appointments from phone calls and texts as well, but now you have the added level of communication by sending an email or text notification when a new appointment has been set. You can also set up powerful reminders to be sent as the appointment approaches, reducing no-shows, cancellations and time spent waiting. After the meeting, you have the ability to keep notes and to do list items in individual or group folders through the interactive to do lists. Set due dates and reminders when tasks are coming due. Send follow up and thank you emails quickly and easily.

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 It is difficult to be everything to everyone all of the time, so let GigaBook be your Sous Chef/Personal Assistant and give you the power and tools necessary to run a more effective business. Grow your business through better access for current and potential customers, increased communication between you and your staff and/or customers, and more time to focus on what you really love to do! GigaBook helps you get your time back by automating some of the more mundane tasks and enables you to focus on building your business by focusing on more important things (like the hot new industry trends, or shopping for seasonal fresh ingredients, or attending your child’s school play).

 Between carrying around your spiral notebook circa 1995 with new and innovative recipes and your smartphone so you can keep up with social media, it’s no wonder you are stressed out. GigaBook is here to help get your organized and help you grow so you can continue to do what you love