Personal Trainer Scheduling Software

Software ideal for personal trainers to accept appointments and payments

Personal Trainer Scheduling SoftwareEveryone knows proper exercise results in improved body composition, physical performance, heart condition and other positive health outcomes. Running your own business as a personal trainer is physically, mentally and, oftentimes, emotionally grueling. Not just because you are constantly building your business, but as a personal trainer, you pay close attention to your client’s exercise form, workout routine, and nutrition plan, among many other things.  That’s why a good personal trainer scheduling software can help you create efficiency while spending less time, money and resources — you can focus on providing your services rather than selling them.

GigaBook’s personal trainer scheduling software allows potential clients to see your current availability and schedule their own appointments. You have the ability to accept appointments through your own website or business page, and it will update your calendar, as well as sync with third-party calendars – Office 365, Apple, Outlook, Exchange and Google – in real-time. This affords you a couple things, like fewer no-show appointments and a much-reduced risk of double-booked appointments. Turning your website from static to transactional guarantees you’ll miss fewer opportunities.

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Once the session is booked, you can create personalized email and text notifications and reminders through GigaBook’s personal trainer scheduling software. This helps if there happens to be an unforeseen schedule change, a last-minute cancellation, if you have a repeat client with a recurring session scheduled, if you want to send out thank yous or if you want to send promotional/marketing materials.

As with any business, making sure you receive payment for your time and expertise in a timely manner is extremely important. GigaBook integrates with, Stripe, PayPal and Braintree to ensure a simple and quick payment process for your clients. Additionally, with GigaBook’s personal trainer appointment scheduling software, you can create, send, process and monitor invoices all form one place.

The ability to automate much of the redundancy you come across in your daily routine results in more free time for you to do things you love to do. Running at maximum efficiency will also allow you to continue to grow your business and hold as many sessions as possible throughout the week.

Using a personal trainer scheduling software like GigaBook, you can:

  • Accept bookings through your website
  • Take payment through your website
  • Sync with third-party calendars
  • Send notifications and reminders to clients
  • Create, process and track invoices
  • Increase efficiency
  • Do much more!

Check it out! Set up your free, no-obligation 14-day trial of GigaBook and see how easy it is to start thriving and keep your business growing!